Who is Mutlu?

I graduated from the Middle East Technical University, Arts&Science Faculty, Physics Department with an honor degree on June 1999. Currently I am a teaching assistant at Sabanci University, Istanbul.

People usually confuse my name, which means "happy", with "Umut","Kutlu" and so...And they ask: "Hey Mutlu, are you really happy?" which I heard at least millions of times. My friends sometimes call me "Muti",However I prefer to be called "Mutlu" - not Kutlu,Umut,Muti..- (Muti by close friends and family is okay). *This is not a big issue with me and now that I have released this information, I will probably have most of you emailing me addressing it to Muti, Kutlu...well, you know. I tend to ramble on a bit when I'm writing, but I'm sure you will find this acceptable because it doesn't seem so dry and stuffy like some Online Bio's can be. Also seems to work as a character profile in a way (even though these days you can never tell what the person behind the keyboard is really like). 

Well. That's enough rambling (see, I told you I do tend to ramble on) and now on with the typical specs on who I am. Less on the real personal side and more on the information side. By the way, if you've made it this far, I hope I've caught your interest and I thank you for taking the time to read this. Okay, okay. I'll stop. You'd be scrolling forever if I kept on with this!

Name:" Mutlu Dogruel"

I was named by my father as so, just as He wanted me to be really "happy". I respect my father a great deal for doing this (and all the other choices he has made in raising me as an infant/child/teen. I should credit my mother here too. She had a lot to do with the whole process as well. Uh-oh...rambling again...but I thought you may want to know this.

Age:"Twenty-Teen Something"

Actually I'm "only" twenty two (at the time of producing this Bio) but my birthday is April 23, (anyone wanting to send me a Birthday Present is welcome to do so, I won't complain...a new laptop would be ideal!) and I was born in 1977, so when you are reading this you should be able to figure out how old I am.(In Turkey April 23 is celebrated as children festival!!!) Some people are leery about putting too much info about themselves on the net, but I look at it this way: If someone wants to know something about you, they'll find a way. I don't really feel twenty. More like fifteen-something. When I'm on a creative bent, you could probably subtract another 5-10 years. I feel I'm at the perfect age right now. Why? Sorry , I can't answer that...this is the "WHO" section. But I can tell you that some people think that I am older than this for a couple of reasons. Some people say that I act mature for twenty...is this possible? I mean, from the text you're reading, do you get that feeling. Nah! But then again I do loosen up a lot at the keyboard...

Education:" My Life"

You probably realize by now that this isn't exactly a point form Bio. Everything is bundled in tightly with my thoughts on the subject matter...and that subject matter being me. I prefer to represent myself this way. It's more ME, and less Fluffy Inflated Stuff That Bores People Out Of Thier Minds. Rambling stopped. Okay, on with some F.I.S.T.B.P.O.O.T.M. (see previous). I graduated from HL (Harbiye Lisesi[not the military school!]) located in Antakya. Finished it being the third most succesful ("inek") student. (Toot-Toot!)

I have also taught myself (since the age of eleven) computers and software. Yuch! When it comes to explaining how my creative process works, I guess I relate myself to a child (a very large one), sitting on a floor with a pile of blocks, arranging and re-arranging them until you run out of combinations and possiblities, things start to "click" and the ideas start flowing.(Friends accuse me for my deep,long thinking,and slow talking.) Major rambling! I'll stop here. I think this is enough about my education. *Even though I did start wandering.

Personal Life:"Important People"

It doesn't seem right that this is appearing at the bottom of my "WHO" section...my family is the most important part of my life. (maybe this warrants a site devoted to them) More extensive rambling. Alright. Back to the topic. Dady and mom had 6 (yes,six) children of which one is married,a textile designer;four are studying at primary&secondary schools; and me being the oldest among. My father is a great man: He is a lawyer, knowing excellent French, Arabic, as much as I know English, and a bit Latin. Each individual in my family has either blue or green-colored eyes. ( Even grandparents, grand grandparents, grand grand grand... ) I know it is not so interesting but somehow I felt I should write something about this.

Okay, the final words:I want to say that I like Physics, to which most probably I will devote myself until death. Great saying! Thanks for listening. (looking?)